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Ondre Seltzer
Independent Distributor/Executive Director/Frequency Energy Medicine
Phone: (480) 409-4528
Location: P.O. Box 4845, Cave Creek, AZ 85237

Ondre is a Medical Intuitive with over 25 years specializing in Energy Medicine, Natural Pain Management and energy based formulations. He is a strong advocate for integrative medicine and energy-based nutrition. Ondre travels internationally consulting, lecturing, leading workshops and raising awareness of the powerful results that can be achieved through energy based therapies. He appears on both radio and television and has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX and UPN, and is the host of a weekly radio show.

Ondre has been involved with New Spirit Naturals since 2010 when he was invited to speak at their annual convention on nutritional energy. Ondre was so impressed with the quality and energy of their products that he incorporated them into his private practice, and has been actively involved with New Spirit Naturals ever since.

Below are a few of Ondre’s most recommended products. If you do not find what you are looking for, click through and browse New Spirit’s full line of products or email for assistance.

Ondre Sacred Sage
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Green Magic™ - 10oz. powder
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Vita Balance 2000 - 90 tablets
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zz old: Immune Booster Pack
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zz old: Women's Health Pack
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zz old: Men's Health Pack
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Wellness Pack
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